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Two guys, no job and an 8 ¾ year old landlord who wants her money!

A 5 X 8 minute comedy web series for kids and their adults.

The Listies are Rich (the smart one) and Matt (the other one), odd couple house mates who live on the dwindling proceeds of their online fail videos. Well, sort of, they haven’t paid rent in a while…

But who is this banging on the door? It’s Abernathy Peanuts, the new landlord. She’s 8¾ and she wants her rent money, like, yesterday. To their dismay the Listies have to get a something called a… job?

Rich and Matt try their hand at any occupation that will have them - from the fantastically plain, to the plainly fantastical. They perform a parade of professions: flat-pack furniture construction, stage acting, movie writing (for the real-life, actual TV and Movie star™ Justine Clarke), burp-jar polishing (for author Andy Griffiths of the Treehouse book series) and even Easter Bunnying, all in a desperate quest to fill the stubbornly empty rent jar.

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Episode 1: No Experience necessary

The Listies, Rich (the smart one) and Matt (the other one) haven’t paid rent in quite a while. So when their new landlord, a 8¾ year girl called Abernathy Peanuts arrives demanding rent money, the Listies realise they have to get a something called a… job?

Episode 2: The E.M.W

After Rich explains to Matt what a book is, he proudly informs Abernathy that they have a new job with Andy Griffiths, (only the most famous author in Australia). It goes pretty about as well as could be expected. Warning: May contain traces of banana.

Episode 3: Like and Subscribe

The Listies find the best job ever. And it’s so simple - helping arrange an Easter Egg hunt for the internet. What could possibly go wrong? It turns out quite a lot.

Episode 4: Ticket Monkeys

When the Listies arrive at the theatre, Rich is super excited about playing a serious role on stage. He ends up in a costume, but not the one he thought. Meanwhile a story unfolds in Rich’s stomach which alters everybody’s day.

Episode 5: Crazy… Crazy good

A chance encounter with famous Movie and Television Star™ Justine Clarke could change The Listies’ lives forever. Meanwhile Abernathy Peanuts has a project of her own...

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The Listies - are Richard Higgins and Matthew Kelly, a comedy duo who are serious about being silly. Formed in 2008 as an alternative comedy act they switched to kids comedy in 2010 and never looked back. They are now the most sought after live comedy act for kidults (Kids and their adults) in Australia. To date, they have written eight award-winning & critically acclaimed live shows, recorded three albums, and published two books with Penguin - all of which have been making young audiences (and old ones too) laugh all over the world. They have toured to New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea, Ireland and the U.K.

In 2018 alone they performed over 150 shows to tens of thousands of people. They have won 'Best Production for Children', at Sydney Theatre Awards, been awarded 'The HarperCollins Best Designed Children’s Fiction Book', and won the Best Independent show (Golden Gibbo Award) at Melbourne Comedy Festival.They remain the only children’s act to be nominated for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s best show award.

Judi McCrossin - Judi is an award-winning writer and producer with nominations and awards including Logies, AWGIEs, AACTAs, and a nomination at Cannes. If you don’t believe it look her up on IMDB. She loves The Listies so much that she adopted them both and is going to spend the rest of her life making sure they become rich and famous.

Kate Keegan - Firstly Kate does NOT have a nomination at Cannes and secondly that’s not the most impressive thing about her. Kate is a producer, involved in making shows for Australia’s best comedians as well as a heap of kids television so it was only natural that she was part of The Listies Work for Peanuts team ... like der.


Natalie Van Den Dungen - Recently Nat made a short film BUNNY NEW GIRL which has had 11 million views. We think that says it all.


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