The Listies do Comp00ters!

"The List Operators for Kids Do Compooters was one of the hits of the Sydney Festival, with Kelly and Richard Higgins ripping through a series of idiotic pranks with bananas, a Viking helmet, an oversize cardboard computer screen and aliens made out of tea towels. In some cases, adults were laughing harder than the kids." Sydney Morning Herald

Touring to the Edinburgh Fringe, New Zealand, Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Rich and Matt's second kids show was all about technology, apps and the interwebz. Featuring a large compooter on stage (with plenty of compooter poograms) a choose your own adventure story set in "The World of Woolcraft" (complete with Rich's sheep sidekick 'Justin Biebaa') a homage to Abbot and Costellos' 'who's on first' routine called "what's your password" and with a mentos and diet lemonade finale set to 'Singin in the rain'  The Listies Do Compooters made every one who saw it ROFLSHALBOWCO!* (*Roll On The Floor Laughing So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Came Out!)