From ALPHABURP* to ZINKLEGRITTING**, our first book, the ICKYPEDIA*** has some of the most ridiculous, stupid and GROSSTASTIC**** words you've never heard.

ICKYPEDIA is a dictionary of disgusting new words. It's a highly, educational tool for expanding your vocabulary. 

Find out what POOTIFUL***** means.  Get to know the terms BOOGERLICIOUS******,  DONOT*******and DROP PLOP********. 

*To burp the alphabet. **Rubbing tinfoil on your teeth. ***A dictionary of disgusting new words. ****Fantastically gross.*****A beautiful poo. ******A delicious booger. ******* Anything that is not a donut. ******** To poo from a great height.



We also have two albums of comedy sketches, one is about us being stuck in the car, it's called The Listies Drive U Crazy, the other one is about being stuck inside on a rainy day it's called The Listies Go Bananas! We are currently recording a new one called Pajamarama!