The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Skidmark 

"In short, it's hilarious." Sydney Morning Herald

An hour-long comedy bomb of Shakespeare plus ninjas. And zombies, Prince of Skidmark is a new, very cheeky, interactive version of the Dane for children. This comic adventure shatters the fourth wall and glues it back together with turbo-charged story-telling and silliness.

Hamlet is full of thrilling things that kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, fake blood and spooky stuff. Enter super-sonic gags, expertly timed stage trickery and special effects unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a very cleverly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over. 

And that’s not all… expect bonus pillow fights, pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, aliens, ninja pirate aliens, zombies and a bunch of other hilarious stuff as The Listies take kids and their adults on a fun-filled hour of mayhem that mischievously celebrates the excitement and unpredictable nature of live theatre.  

The only thing we can be sure of is that everyone dies at the end – including the audience! 


"If you want your kids to have fun at the theatre and fall for all its magic, get them to a Listies show as soon as possible... Nobody else makes Shakespeare this fun." ★★★★ Daily Review

"this is Hamlet with everything you could have wanted and more, and it’s the perfect way to introduce a young person to the magic and chaos of theatre, as well as to the work of Shakespeare." ★★★★ Arts Hub

“One of the funniest introductions to Shakespeare imaginable.” ★★★★ Sunday Telegraph

"In short, it's hilarious." Sydney Morning Herald

"Funny, entertaining and full of energy and imagination." Stage Whispers



The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Skidmark is presented by Sydney Theatre Company

by The Listies

Declan Greene, Co-creator and Director

Olga Miller, Performer

Renée Mulder, Designer

Verity Hampson, Lighting Designer 

Jed Palmer, Composer & Sound Designer

Charmian Gradwell, Voice & Text Coach

Production Photos Prudence Upton

Previous season:

Sydney Theatre Company, Wharf 1 Theatre